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Why choose us?

The Linguistic-Technical College in Przasnysz is a non-public institution of higher education, entered in the REGISTER OF EDUCATIONAL SCHOOLS under the number 306. The college has obtained permission to conduct studies in the fields of Philology, Construction and Management.

High scholarships

Students of the University of Linguistics and Technology in Przasnysz are able to take advantage of an extensive scholarship system – scholarships are awarded to both full-time and part-time students.

Stypendia na ULT Przasnysz
Studia online

Experience in conducting online studies

Online studies are conducted by the Linguistic-Technical University of Przasnysz on the educational platform e-moodle, using modern educational technologies. Thanks to this method, the lecturers are there for you, via the platform, videoconferencing, e-mail and live. They continuously monitor your progress and motivate you to deepen your knowledge.

International cooperation

Today, more and more students from abroad are choosing to study in Poland. Attracting students from abroad to our country is an important part of promoting not only the University worldwide, but also Poland. For the University of Linguistics and Technology in Swiecie, too, foreign cooperation has become one of the key directions of development. The University is working on continuously expanding the foreign exchange for students, so that every interested student who achieves very good academic results and has a good command of a foreign language has a chance to take advantage of the opportunity to complete part of their studies at one of the partner universities.

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Linguistic and Technical University – a study programme for you

The Linguistic-Technical University of Przasnysz is listed in the Register of Higher Education Institutions. We are a private university, offering a wide range of first and second degree courses (bachelor’s, engineering and master’s) and postgraduate studies. Our high teaching standards, professional staff and good orientation to market conditions ensure that graduates leaving our thresholds have extensive knowledge and useful practical skills, giving them numerous advantages in their professional work and personal satisfaction.

Rich educational offer

Linguistics studies at ULT include English, German and Russian. Linguistics majors pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

When considering technical universities in Poland, it is worth choosing ULT – we offer engineering studies in future-oriented majors such as Building Construction and Road and Bridge Construction. We were one of the first in the country to introduce the innovative course Passive Construction.

We specialise in postgraduate technical, managerial, business and teacher training courses. The most popular majors in the area of postgraduate technical studies include Property Valuation and Construction Investment Process Management. We offer very interesting teacher training courses, such as Sensory Integration, Rhythmics and Music Therapy, Coaching in Education or Organisation and Management of Education. The most interesting management and business courses include Neurobusiness, Leadership in Organisations or Quality Management in an enterprise.

We also offer short-term studies and specialised courses, such as Computer Science, Logistics, Dietetics, Advertising Specialist or Accounting Specialist.
For senior citizens, we offer participation in the activities of the University of the Third Age.

Study online

Listening to the needs of students, we have been implementing remote learning on e-learning platforms for years. Now, you can study both technical and linguistic higher education mainly online, at a place and time that suits you. At the same time, we do not dispense with placements, which in many courses are essential for gaining comprehensive knowledge backed up by first-hand experience.

A modern, student-friendly university

ULT Przasnysz is both a technical university and a linguistic college. This combination is not accidental: in order to meet the expectations of employers and with an awareness of current market trends, we educate on faculties offering well-paid, stable employment. These include innovative technical courses, as well as courses developing linguistic skills in the area of languages most frequently required by job applicants. A staff of specialists in their respective fields is responsible for the educational process. We cooperate with numerous Polish and foreign academic, research and business centres. We offer high scholarships to the best students.

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