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Studia licencjackie - Filologia niemiecka

About this course

German has been a popular field of study for a long time. Along with English, it is one of those languages that help us achieve professional success. It allows us to communicate with new people and learn about completely new topics that have not been developed in Polish.



Our professional staff will make sure that you can deepen your knowledge and reach higher and higher levels of proficiency in German. Graduating from the course allows you to know the language at the C1 level, which allows you to have free and advanced conversations. You can choose the area of study you are interested in in the form of a specialization on your own.



German Philology studies are conducted in full-time, part-time and part-time (online studies) forms. The part-time mode allows you to take classes in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday). The diversity of the offer allows you to adjust your participation in studies to your own professional and private life and choose the optimal solution.


Part-time first- and second-cycle studies are conducted using remote and distance work methods.


Online German studies allow the student to be completely independent of his or her residence. Online classes are nothing new for us – it is an option that has been introduced due to the needs of people who decide to study in our institution. It is an alternative to the classic form of study, thanks to which you can save time and money related to commuting. Online German philology allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree and prepare you to use the language at the highest level without leaving your home.




Our philological studies are a proposal for teaching at the university level. As part of the specialization in German Philology, the student can independently choose one of the following specializations:


German Philology for Teachers


For anyone who feels that they want to absorb knowledge about a foreign language and at the same time share it with others, we recommend the teaching specialization. During this type of classes, you will gain qualifications entitling you to work in schools, as well as to conduct language courses in Poland and abroad. The qualifications you will gain at the University of Linguistics and Technology are respected throughout the European Union. Online studies in German studies allow you to acquire theoretical knowledge at the highest level – including substantive knowledge that will allow you to teach a foreign language.

In addition, you will gain psychological and didactic training, so that your work will always be a pleasure for you. The teaching specialization in the online degree program in German Studies allows you to work with students of different ages and levels.


German Translation Philology


Do you dream of a career in an international company? Or would you like to work as a translator in the future? Check out the offer of our translation specialization in the field of German philology. This course will allow you to acquire skills that will then give you the opportunity to translate all kinds of texts (from literary, through online publications, to press, and many others). The classes will prepare you to use a computer and the Internet, which is essential in the work of a translator, and will also help you gain competence in the field of specialized translation. It is this scope that will be based on texts related to various fields, including medicine, law, economics, art or technology.


German philology with a specialization in translation will allow you to find your way on the job market without any problems, as it offers great professional opportunities. Among the activities that await you after graduation are cooperation with publishing houses, translation agencies, as well as with companies that require contact with foreign clients or partners. In this case, you will need on-the-fly translation, for which you need a lot of language freedom – you will gain it during our online studies.


German for Business


If you are interested in working in a business environment, you surely know that you will need certain skills that will make it easier to find your way in such a place. This is exactly what you will gain by studying German Philology with a specialization in Business Language. It is also an opportunity to prepare future teachers and lecturers to conduct classes in the field of business language.
The curriculum itself focuses on providing the necessary theoretical knowledge to help the student understand the terminology and phraseology of the subject of interest. Thus, the specialization will teach you how to understand and analyze specialized texts, while helping you master the principles, forms and styles of content prepared for various needs of companies. In addition, the language in business allows you to expand your competences thanks to lectures that familiarize you with the terminology of management and the basics of finance, law or marketing.


Graduating from this specialization gives a wide range of opportunities on the labor market – the graduate will have no problems finding employment in international institutions, areas that are closely related to export and import, as well as contact with foreign customers and marketing. As a consequence, the knowledge gained during the course of studying German philology allows you to communicate freely in a foreign language in a German-speaking business environment.




German Philology studies allow you to acquire language competence in the field of German at the C1 level. The student has the opportunity to learn the language, learn its stylistic and grammatical rules, as well as see the traditions, culture and history of the German state. Comprehensive knowledge allows you to explore the secrets of the German language, which allows you to find employment, especially among foreign employers.

A professional bachelor’s degree in German philology allows you to apply for positions in trade, business, economics, economy and finance. Knowing the language opens a whole new door on your career path, allowing you to try out professions that you have been dreaming of for a long time. German linguistics offers great professional opportunities in terms of translation, contacts with international partners, teaching in schools, as well as travelling around the world. Online German Studies is an option primarily for those who want to learn a language at a high level from highly specialized academic staff. An interesting curriculum allows you to simultaneously acquire skills during your studies and develop a passion for language learning




At the end of their education, graduates receive a bachelor’s degree, which is confirmed by a higher professional diploma in German philology. In this case, the basis of teaching is the practical education of a foreign language, the ability to use it freely, as well as the richness of colloquial and specialist vocabulary useful both in everyday life and in professional life. The curriculum is supplemented by subjects enabling major and general education. Thanks to them, every graduate of the University of Technology and Linguistics has the appropriate knowledge and skills to easily find a job in any position.



Thanks to studying at our university, graduates:

  1. They teach German, general and specialty, up to level C1.
  2. They receive the necessary professional qualifications to work in a given profession.
  3. They receive basic knowledge in applied linguistics, as well as literary and cultural studies.
  4. They learn to work in a team, developing the culture of their thinking.

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in German Philology at the University of Technology and Linguistics, you will receive a wide range of professional opportunities that will help you take up your dream job. Graduates may also continue their education at second-cycle studies in the same or another field of study or selected postgraduate studies.



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