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About this course

We invite everyone willing to study at the unique engineering studies in the country with a specialization in PASSIVE CONSTRUCTION.


Passive construction is no longer just an empty advertising slogan. These are a number of very advanced technologies that are already present on the Polish market and will constitute an increasingly important segment of this market every year. They allow you to build a house in a fast, safe and ecological way, which will be friendly to the people who live there and the surrounding environment. Supplementing a professionally designed building with the acquisition of energy from renewable sources and effective control of all consumers will allow for high autonomy and economy of use.




In our course, experts will not only provide detailed knowledge about the design and construction of passive houses, but also familiarize them with a number of solutions used in these processes. Especially with the use of renewable energy sources technology and intelligent control of them. Students will gain extensive theoretical knowledge in the field of passive construction.

More importantly, they will learn about the practical aspects of this issue and will have the opportunity to participate in numerous RESEARCH PROJECTS. An important element of didactics are also issues related to the legal basis of passive construction and aspects resulting from the Act on Renewable Energy Sources. The original curriculum, excellent infrastructure of the university, as well as the highest qualifications of the teaching staff are a guarantee of a very attractive professional prospect that will be offered to all graduates of the PASSIVE CONSTRUCTION faculty.




The studies are conducted in full-time, part-time and online form.

In the part-time mode, studies are held in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday).

Depending on your lifestyle, family or work situation, you can choose one of the learning methods that suits you. We offer full-time, part-time or remote learning modes, so everyone can find the best solution for themselves.


Online civil engineering studies are not new to us – we have been offering remote mode to our students for years, respecting their time and money. Our experience in online teaching means that we do not have to deal with technical and curricular problems affecting most universities that are just taking their first steps in this area.

Are you wondering whether energy-efficient construction will be a good choice when it comes to studying online and will allow you to acquire practical skills? Don’t worry – the curriculum includes exercise classes under the supervision of specialists. You also have the opportunity to participate in research projects.





The studies are aimed at:

  • people interested in the subject of construction,
  • have a passion for science education,
  • people interested in modern technologies in a dynamically changing environment.

Do you have a knack for science subjects, are you interested in modern technologies? Are you passionate about architecture, and are you not indifferent to the topic of ecology, including studies emphasizing renewable energy sources? Passive construction at the engineer level is just for you.




Graduates can work as designers and contractors in the field of general construction, water construction, livestock construction, earth construction and technical infrastructure of villages and housing estates.

The prospects after construction are extensive: you can work as a designer or contractor in the area of general construction, earthworks, water, livestock and technical infrastructure of housing estates and villages.

You will be able to direct and supervise the execution of buildings of all types, as well as manage the production of building components. You will learn to design private, corporate and public buildings, as well as industrial buildings and communication infrastructure. You will gain the ability to manage the construction of roads, bridges and streets, as well as their repair, ad hoc repairs and ongoing maintenance.

We are looking for environmentally friendly solutions in all areas of life – including architecture. Hence, passive buildings with the use of renewable energy sources are gaining popularity, the main advantage of which is the use of solar energy without the use of special installations. Smart homes are no longer science fiction, but real solutions that allow users to save specific amounts of money spent on heating and allow nature to breathe a sigh of relief.

If you are planning to study civil engineering, passive construction is a field of study that offers a good chance of employment. The opinions are unequivocal – a passive house is a benefit for both its inhabitants and the surrounding nature. The knowledge gained during your studies will enable you to design buildings with minimal energy consumption and a high level of thermal insulation. You will learn how to effectively use renewable energy sources in construction and how to intelligently control them.

The workplaces in which our graduates are employed are:

  • construction companies,
  • design offices,
  • state and local government administration offices,
  • administrative and local government units,
  • scientific and research institutions,
  • secondary and tertiary education;
  • building materials and construction equipment trade facilities,
  • private companies related to the construction and design industry,
  • as well as self-employment.


A construction degree, with a particular focus on energy-efficient construction, will enable you to choose a rewarding career path. You will be welcome in design offices and construction companies, but also in state and local government administration units, in scientific and research institutions in the field of construction, as well as in production, service, trade and training companies operating in the field of construction. You will find work in secondary schools and universities as a teacher of vocational subjects, as well as in a number of other enterprises, institutions and organizations related to the broadly understood subject of construction, as well as renewable energy sources and their effective use. If you prefer to be self-employed, you can set up your own business in any of the areas mentioned above – we will prepare you for this substantively and practically.


Graduates are prepared to:

  • managing the execution of all types of buildings,
  • supervision of construction contracting,
  • organizing the production of building elements,
  • participation in the design of public, industrial and communication facilities,
  • work in central and local government administration,
  • managing the construction of new roads and bridges, streets and other communication infrastructure,
  • design and management of road works as part of repairs, maintenance and repair of road and street surfaces.

After completing your education, you can continue your education by choosing a master’s degree in civil engineering or a postgraduate degree in civil engineering. You also have an open path to apply for a building license.




Graduates receive the professional title of civil engineer confirmed by a diploma of higher professional studies in the field of Civil Engineering.


The curriculum is complemented by subjects from an extensive block of courses in the field of study and general education, which are to equip the graduate with knowledge and practical skills required by the modern labour market.


Both full-time and part-time construction studies, as well as online construction studies, have an identical curriculum. General and major classes provide academic knowledge, but also the necessary practical skills. Upon graduation, you will receive a professional engineer’s degree and a diploma of higher professional studies in the field of Civil Engineering, which will be your ticket to a future full of professional success.


We will teach you how to design and build passive houses and adapt renewable energy sources to their needs. Individuals, companies and institutions wishing to build a smart building will ask for your help. You will gain a thorough knowledge of construction, but also of renewable energy sources. You will learn how to design different types of buildings – residential houses, public buildings or elements of urban infrastructure.

That’s not all – a civil engineer graduates with knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level, taking into account the industry’s specialist and technical vocabulary.



Thanks to studying at our university, graduates:

  1. They will gain knowledge about renewable energy sources.
  2. They acquire the ability to design and build “smart homes” using renewable energy sources.
  3. They will gain the ability to design public utility facilities.
  4. They will be able to apply for a building license.
  5. They will gain the ability to organize the production of building elements.
  6. They acquire basic knowledge and skills in the field of general construction, in particular energy-efficient construction and renewable energy.
  7. They will gain knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level and the ability to use a specialist language in the field of study.

After completing engineering studies in the field of civil engineering at ULT, graduates can take up employment or continue their education at second-cycle studies in the same or another field of study or at selected postgraduate studies.


Passive construction is still a new trend today, but with each passing year there will be more and more people who want their houses to be ecological and energy-efficient. Passive buildings are becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs and public institutions.


You have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the construction of smart homes before the competition enters the market. As a pioneer, you increase your chances of professional success, both in Poland and abroad. By choosing to study passive construction, you are choosing a certain future. Join the ranks of our satisfied graduates and take advantage of the extensive knowledge that our teaching staff has to share.







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