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Studia inżynierskie - Konstrukcje Budowlane

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Engineering studies in the field of building structures provide education of specialists who, based on the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, are prepared to perform various engineering functions in the general construction and specialist industry, they can be the staff of study and design offices, investment services, factories of building materials and elements, perform an auxiliary function or be co-authors of creative activities in the field of designing more complex objects, having sufficient general and engineering knowledge for structural design of various types of standard buildings and public utility facilities as well as engineering and industrial structures, including the design, modernization and adaptation of erected buildings and structures.


The construction market in Poland is booming – both in terms of private, corporate and public buildings. Developers are buying up land for new housing estates, growing companies need new office buildings and production halls, local government units are deciding to create a new, friendly space for residents.


We pay more and more attention not only to the functionality of buildings, but also to their energy efficiency, ecology, aesthetics and spatial composition. New buildings are being erected and the existing ones are being thoroughly renovated. Architects, owners of construction companies, sellers and manufacturers of building materials – have their hands full, as do appraisers or employees of certification bodies. The market needs young, dynamic specialists, with heads full of ideas and knowledge of how to put these ideas into practice. A building school is a great solution for creative architecture lovers with a knack for science.


By choosing to study at ULT in Przasnysz, the student has the opportunity to gain knowledge from the best specialists in the country in the field of construction.




For graduates of building structures and engineering, a job is waiting on almost every corner. With an engineering degree, you automatically receive a number of qualifications, giving you the opportunity to co-create, supervise, and even carry out construction projects on your own.

In order to be able to apply the information you have to solve real problems, in addition to theoretical knowledge, you also need to acquire practical skills. We offer our students practical classes covering various stages of the creation of building structures – from their drafting, through geodetic works, to erecting. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you have gained a comprehensive education, and the employer will be much more willing to hire a graduate who can demonstrate not only knowledge, but also practice.




The studies are conducted in full-time, part-time and online form.

In the part-time mode, studies are held in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday).


In the online mode , construction studies take place via an e-learning platform. This innovative formula was created by listening to the needs of students, who most often combine education with professional and home duties, which makes commuting burdensome for them, especially when they live at a greater distance from the university.


With remote learning, you have access to learning content at a time and place that suits you best, so you can use your time even more effectively while focusing solely on your studies.


Online learning is complemented by practical classes in the field, which will make a real building structure as legible to you as its drawn design.




The studies are aimed at:

  • people interested in the subject of construction,
  • who have a passion for science

Building and engineering structures cover a very wide range of issues. Both a scientific mind and an initial interest in the subject are clear signals to start studying in this particular field.

They are also excellent studies for people who are not quite sure in which direction they want to lead their scientific and professional career in the near future. Building structures are a solid base both for continuing the field of study at the master’s degree and for entering a slightly different, thematically related area – such as passive construction or road and bridge construction.




Graduates can work as designers and contractors in the field of general construction, water construction, livestock construction, earth construction and technical infrastructure of villages and housing estates.


The workplaces where they are employed are:

  • in construction companies
  • in design offices
  • in state and local government administration offices
  • running their own construction companies
  • administrative and local government units;
  • scientific and research institutions;
  • secondary and tertiary education;
  • building materials and construction equipment trading service establishments;
  • private companies related to the construction and design industry;

Graduates are prepared to:

  • managing the execution of all types of buildings
  • supervision of construction contracting
  • organizing the production of building elements
  • participation in the design of public, industrial and communication facilities
  • work in central and local government administration
  • directing the construction of new roads and bridges, streets and other communication infrastructure
  • design and management of road works as part of repairs, maintenance and repair of road surfaces, streets



Graduates receive the professional title of engineer confirmed by a diploma of higher professional studies in the field of Civil Engineering.

The curriculum is complemented by subjects from an extensive block of courses in the field of field of study and general education, which are to equip the graduate with the knowledge and practical skills required by the modern labour market.




Thanks to studying at our university, graduates will gain:

  1. They acquire the ability to design buildings and structures, design public utility facilities and others.
  2. They are given the opportunity to apply for a building license.
  3. They will gain the ability to organize the production of building elements.
  4. They acquire knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level and have the ability to use a specialist language in the field of study.

After completing engineering studies in the field of civil engineering at ULT, graduates can take up employment or continue their education at second-cycle studies in the same or another field of study or at selected postgraduate studies.







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