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About this course

Management is currently one of the most attractive fields of education. The knowledge and skills gained during studies related to business management are on the list of the most sought-after professional qualifications. The curriculum has been prepared in such a way as to convey knowledge at the university level clearly and comprehensibly and to equip graduates with the skills to quickly find their dream job.


Management is a very modern and forward-looking field of study. Bachelor’s degree programs in management are interdisciplinary in nature, which means that they cover many scientific fields. People with interests related to marketing, economics and finance will find themselves perfectly in this field of study. A person graduating from this field of study has theoretical knowledge of the functioning of a modern enterprise and has specialist skills in the field of preparation, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of specific projects in practice. Managing studies – is it worth it? A comprehensive education gained during your studies in management will open up many paths for your further professional development, so enrolling in the list of students is a decision you will certainly not regret.


You can study management part-time or online. Thanks to a variety of forms of conducting classes, you can easily adjust your participation in them to your private and professional life.


In the part-time mode, studies are held in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday).


Candidates who decide on this form of education can freely combine their studies with their professional work. By choosing online management studies, you save time and money – you don’t have to commute to classes or quit your job. An online bachelor’s degree is an attractive educational prospect for many people, providing high-quality learning and giving opportunities to candidates living far from academic centers, people with disabilities, etc. Online management studies mean access to a professional staff of academic teachers anytime and anywhere. By studying with us, you have access to knowledge anytime and anywhere!



Currently, the following specialties are offered:

  • Quality Management,
  • Human capital management,
  • Management in logistics,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Accounting and Finance,
  • Crisis management

The list of specialisations is subject to change depending on the needs of the labour market and the preferences of students.

The condition for launching a given specialty is the creation of a group in the number of min. max. 20 persons

The graduate will have the knowledge necessary to develop, implement and improve quality systems according to international standards. The graduate will be prepared to perform responsible tasks in individual areas of quality management in the company.

Key subjects for the specialization:

  • Internal Audit
  • Implementation and documentation of the quality management system
  • Comprehensive quality management – TQM
  • Quality Management Standards and Their Implementation
  • Fundamentals of LEAN Manufacturing
  • Integration of normative management systems

The main objective of the studies is to prepare students to undertake tasks in the field of recruitment, selection and management of people in an organization. Appropriate competences in the field of human capital management are an important added value of every organization: commercial and non-commercial, in every sector: manufacturing, trade and services.

Key subjects for the specialization:

  • Personal Information Systems
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Employee training and development
  • State-of-the-art motivation systems
  • Business Psychology
  • Leadership in the organization

The dynamic development of the economy and international cooperation create a demand for specialists in the logistics and forwarding industry. A graduate of the specialization in logistics management will be able to work in the logistics industry, and will also have the skills to coordinate the work of a warehouse, supply, transport and forwarding.

Key subjects for the specialization:

  • Warehouse processes
  • Organization of warehouse work
  • Transport in logistics
  • Organization of transport processes
  • Customs law
  • Forwarding

The aim of the studies is to educate professionals working in the field of modern marketing and advertising. The graduate will be able to, design a visual identity of a brand, manage the image, as well as create and carry out an advertising campaign in both small and large enterprises.


Key subjects for the specialization:

  • Copywriting
  • Computer graphics for social media
  • Video on social media;
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads

The graduate will have the knowledge necessary to run the company’s finances and will gain skills related to running accounting offices. The knowledge acquired by the student during the course of studies enables him to work in financial and accounting departments.

Key subjects for the specialization:

  • HR & Payroll
  • Financial reporting and analysis;
  • Financial settlements
  • Computer Systems in Accounting
  • Computer systems in human resources
  • Management Accounting



The aim of the studies in the field of management is to educate specialists with the necessary qualifications to analyse, plan, organize and control phenomena occurring in the area of enterprises and institutions – both on the economic and social level. Throughout the course of study, students will gain skills that are essential in the business world.


The first-cycle studies in management are an introduction to the issues of organization and functioning of enterprises. During lectures and practical classes, students are introduced to the problems that most often arise in organizations of various types, as well as learn how to solve them effectively. Bachelor’s studies in the field of management are practice-oriented, which is why their graduates are also able to communicate effectively with colleagues, as well as to efficiently organize the work of a team.


The strategic goal of the course is modern and practical education of students in the field of management and quality management, as well as the education of highly qualified, professional and enterprising staff.
The interdisciplinary nature of the field of study means that the graduates have a comprehensive education. It is assumed that students will acquire general, basic, directional and specialist knowledge to the extent that allows them to understand the phenomena and processes occurring in the area of management, as well as to master the ability to independently formulate and solve professional problems in this area.


Interdyscyplinarność kierunku sprawia, że absolwenci dysponują wszechstronnym wykształceniem. Zakłada się uzyskanie wiedzy o charakterze ogólnym, podstawowym, kierunkowym oraz specjalnościowym w stopniu pozwalającym na rozumienie zjawisk i procesów zachodzących w obszarze zarządzania, a także opanowanie umiejętności samodzielnego formułowania i rozwiązywania problemów zawodowych w tym zakresie.




As part of the programme, inspirational business classes are held, with managers, senior managers, specialists in logistics, quality, accounting, finance, HR, marketing and advertising.




A management graduate has very broad career prospects. After graduating from the bachelor’s studies, you have the opportunity to take up employment as a management specialist, a mid-level manager in enterprises and a team leader in the state security structures. As a graduate, you should be prepared to work in specialist, managerial and consulting positions in various types of economic and public organizations. However, your career prospects are not limited to salaried work. A graduate of management can also run their own business.




Graduates of the Management faculty find employment, as:

  • Experts in the investment market
  • experts in the real estate market
  • Financial Analyst
  • organization and management specialist
  • Quality Specialist
  • HR Specialist
  • Accounting Specialist
  • marketing and advertising specialist
  • middle management managers in various types of enterprises and institutions
  • accounting, finance specialists in financial services companies, banks and insurance companies


The curriculum of studies in the field of Management not only enables quick and effective employment, but also provides the basis for starting your own business.


After completing the Bachelor’s degree in Management at ULT, graduates can take up employment or continue their education at second-cycle studies in the same or another field of study or at selected postgraduate studies.




Online bachelor’s degree programs in management are conducted on the following learning platforms:

Moodle e-learning platform – where tasks to be performed and teaching materials are posted Microsoft Teams platform – where classes are conducted in real time




After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in management, the graduate:

  1. has theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management sciences and related sciences,
  2. has the ability to recognize and solve problems in managing the company’s resources and information,
  3. has theoretical and practical preparation for the implementation of basic functions of process and project management in economic and administrative entities,
  4. is prepared to work as a marketing specialist, middle management manager and team leader/leader,
  5. is able to communicate and negotiate effectively, anticipate reactions and apply balanced solutions,
  6. .is able to conduct and supervise effective business talks,
  7. has the skills to support business by building a personal brand,
  8. has the skills necessary for effective teamwork,
  9. may continue their education at second-cycle or postgraduate studies.



Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree confirmed by a diploma of higher professional studies in the field of Management.
The curriculum is complemented by subjects from an extensive block of courses in the field of study and specialisation, which are to equip the graduate with the knowledge and skills required on the modern labour market.



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