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About this course

Engineering studies in the field of road construction provide education to specialists who, based on the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, are prepared to perform various engineering functions in the general construction and specialist industry. The Road Construction specialization in the field of Civil Engineering is addressed to people interested in the design, construction, operation, repair and maintenance of roads.


The specialization prepares students to design, build, modernize, repair, maintain and operate as well as diagnose the technical condition of facilities, which include, among others: roads, intersections, junctions, elements of road development, airports and engineering structures.




Construction is an industry that is experiencing a particular boom today. Private and investment facilities under construction need infrastructure that will allow them to be reached without any problems. Urban agglomerations are looking for new technical solutions to improve traffic flow and safety. New forms of transport – fast electric scooters, skateboards and unicycles – are becoming a challenge. Road design has become a challenge, an activity that leaves no room for boredom. A civil engineer will not complain about a lack of work.


If you are fascinated by road construction technology and science subjects have never been a problem for you – apply online today and choose road construction – studies for ambitious students that guarantee secure employment.



Road construction studies are conducted part-time in the online module, in the form of weekend classes (Saturday, Sunday). This gives you the opportunity to combine your education with your professional work and personal life.


In the process of teaching, you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of design and maintenance of road infrastructure – roads and road engineering structures. You will learn about the technologies used in these processes, you will learn the secrets of engineering the materials from which roads are made. In addition, you will receive information on the management and maintenance of road facilities as well as managing the investment process from the design to the use of the finished road section. In response to the dynamic development of technology, we also place great emphasis on familiarizing ourselves with the issue of intelligent road traffic management systems.


Road construction can become not only a profession, but also a real passion. Join the group of satisfied students and make roads and bridges have no secrets for you.



Engineering studies in the field of road construction are a great choice both for people who see their future in the field of construction of transport infrastructure, as well as for lovers of technical subjects who have not yet clarified their long-term plans.

Studying road construction opens up the prospect of an interesting career for you, allows you to get a well-paid job, and at the same time leaves you with the opportunity to pursue yourself in other areas of construction engineering.

Designing smart intersections, building airports, maintaining transport hubs – all these activities are within the reach of our graduates.

The studies are aimed at:

  • people interested in the subject of road construction,
  • have a passion for science education,
  • persons interested in the design, construction, operation, repair and maintenance of roads




Do you think about the question “Where can I work after studying road construction”? There are many possible career paths, and you will have no problem finding the right one for you.


Construction companies and design offices as well as construction studios will be happy to employ you. You can become an employee of companies managing elements of communication infrastructure, also in the public sector, in government or local government administration.

If you dream of a scientific career, you will look for a job offer in research and certification units. If your second element is trade, you can sell materials and services within the industry you are familiar with.


Finally, you have the opportunity to set up your own thriving business, where you will provide design and consulting services for private and public entities.
Design roads and supervise the execution of the plan. Advise on the modernization and renovation of streets and sidewalks. Suggest smart solutions to improve traffic management and improve safety for all road users.


Road construction is not just another fashionable field of study created for undecided high school graduates – it is a specialization for intelligent, astute and creative people who like to discover dependencies, search for answers and find the best solutions.


Graduates can work as designers and contractors in the field of general construction, water construction, livestock construction, earth construction and technical infrastructure of villages and housing estates.


The workplaces where they are employed are:

  • in construction companies
  • in design offices
  • in state and local government administration offices
  • running their own construction companies
  • administrative and local government units;
  • scientific and research institutions;
  • secondary and tertiary education;
  • building materials and construction equipment trading service establishments;
  • private companies related to the construction and design industry;


Road construction engineering studies will develop your mathematical, technical, and creative abilities. You will learn how to read and create technical drawings, understand and design instructions and handouts, prepare technical documentation and use it in a manner consistent with the principles of the art of construction.


You will gain skills related to the design, erection, maintenance, modernization and maintenance of numerous facilities within the communication infrastructure. These will be single- and multi-lane roads, various types of bridges, intersections and transport hubs with different traffic intensity and specifics of use.


With comprehensive knowledge, you will be confident in your skills and will not experience problems with decision-making. You will become a valuable employee or a competent boss.


Graduates of engineering studies are prepared to work in:

  • construction and design studios,
  • roads, streets and bridges,
  • Municipal Roads and Communications Departments,
  • municipal transport companies, road circuits, provincial and district road authorities,
  • managing the execution of all types of buildings
  • supervision of construction contracting
  • organizing the production of building elements
  • co-participation in the design of public, industrial and communication facilities, contractors from the construction industry.
  • work in central and local government administration
  • managing the construction of new roads, streets and other communication infrastructure
  • design and management of road works as part of repairs, maintenance and repair of road surfaces, streets

Selected subjects carried out within the specialization:

  • Road Design
  • Design and construction of road engineering structures
  • Road Construction Technology
  • Road Materials Engineering
  • Road Maintenance & Management
  • Intelligent traffic management systems
  • Managing the investment process

* The offered items are subject to change due to the fact that they are adapted to the needs of the labor market.



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