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Leadership in the organization

Studia podyplomowe - Przywództwo w organizacji

About this course

Modern companies operate in a difficult market reality. Constant changes require quick reactions and accurate decisions, on which not only the success but also the survival of the company depends. Success depends on the whole team, but the leader remains crucial.


Leadership in an organization – postgraduate studies

Leadership in an organization postgraduate studies is a field of study that was created for directors, managers, presidents and superiors of various levels, as well as for people preparing to take up a managerial position. Management studies provide knowledge and competences necessary for responsible and effective business management.


With the convenience of students in mind, we offer two variants of teaching: leadership in the organization of part-time studies including 12 classic weekend meetings, or leadership in the organization of online studies, in which all classes are held via an e-learning platform.


We educate successful leaders of modern enterprises. In the course of your studies, you will learn effective communication, realistic planning, spotting trends, opportunities and threats, and making beneficial decisions. You will learn how to build and manage a well-coordinated team, how to behave in a crisis situation and how to function in the local community. You will learn methods of coping with stress and assumptions of mental hygiene in the work-life balance trend.


Career prospects – leadership in the organization


Graduates of the postgraduate studies in leadership in organizations will be eagerly welcomed both in newly established enterprises and in companies in need of reorganization at the management level. After graduating, you can work as a manager, department manager or recruiter. You will find employment not only in private enterprises, but also in state-owned companies, in local administration, as well as in various associations, foundations and clubs. If you prefer your own B2B business, studying Leading an Organization gives you the opportunity to earn money as a freelance specialist providing services such as consulting, auditing, coaching or certification preparation.


Studies are conducted in a part-time mode in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday) in accordance with the schedule of postgraduate studies (12 sessions) and on-line mode, which means that all classes are conducted via the Internet.


The studies are aimed at people with higher education and who want to gain or expand their knowledge in the field of leadership. The program is aimed primarily at managers, leaders, trainers, motivational speakers, and people preparing to take strategic positions in organizations.


PLN 350 x 10 months
1750 PLN x 2 semesters
PLN 3500 – one-time




  1. Public speaking
  2. setting the direction for the organization’s development
  3. Enterprise Certification
  4. Organizational culture
  5. Coaching and mentoring in the organization
  6. building effective teams
  7. Change management
  8. Networking in leadership
  9. Leadership Styles
  10. The Power of Differences in a Team
  11. Crisis communication
  12. Emotional Intelligence
  13. Mental toughness


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